Upcoming Event: SPAR is Principal Sponsor of European Athletics

SPAR – Healthy Lifestyles

At SPAR, we believe in living your healthiest, happiest life to the fullest. This is why we have developed the SPAR Nutrition Zone website, which offers basic exercise tips, recipes and nutritional information about the foods we consume on a daily basis.

Through sharing fun food facts, the SPAR Nutrition Zone aims to provide nutritional advice by breaking down the different groups in the food pyramid. The aim is that both current and future generations learn how healthy eating can contribute to growth and development.

During the European Athletics Championships in Amsterdam from 6-10 July 2016, we helped future athletes learn about the importance of the right warm-up process and exercises during the workshops held at the SPARK Kids Athletics Park. Download tips for coaching and sports training to support your child in developing their athletics skills.

The SPAR Nutrition Zone at Amsterdam 2016 focused on a variety of topics including lunch boxes, eating greens and holidays! See the downloadable lunch box planner, some great recipes and other foodie facts.